It is our pleasure to inform you that  IRISH CULTURE FOUNDATION   has been established, with its main goal- to promote Irish culture in Poland.

We hope to accomplish our aims through organising events which would promote Irish culture; supporting people interested in Ireland, who want to study there or need advice concerning their publications on Ireland.

We would like to offer our assistance to people involved in scientific projects. The Foundation will also promote and popularise the Irish language through additional funds given to people interested in summer language camps in Ireland. Consequently, in the future we will be financing the arrival and accommodation for language teachers from Ireland.

We would also like to serve Polish people as a source of information about Irish economy and terms of investing in the country.

The Foundation has been registered in Poznań on February 27, 2003. During the few months since the registration we have been co-organising several events,

Currently the Foundation is trying to raise additional funds to finance realisation of consecutive projects.

Being aware of the involvement of Irish human and financial resources in Your Company’s activities we would like to invite you to co-operation with The Foundation. Your Company’s support for The Foundation would prove your concern for the matter of promotion of Ireland in Poland, despite the distance between the two countries.

It is essential to the idea of advertising Ireland in Poland that in May, 2004, when Poland will be joining the EU as a full member, Ireland – the commanding country at the EU at the time, will welcome it.

We want to invite you to support The Irish Culture Foundation. In case of any questions or doubts, especially concerning the terms and advantages of sponsoring, as well as the ways of advertising Your Company - we will be happy to help.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Krzysztof Schramm

Chairman of the Board





Confidential data about Founders - not to be publish.



The Foundation acquires legal entity once it is entered in the Registry of Foundations.



The location of the Foundation is Poznań.



1. The Foundation operates within the borders of the Republic of Poland.

2. In order to fulfil its aims properly the Foundation can operate abroad.



The Foundation uses a round stamp with the text consisting of its name and location.





The main objective of the Foundation is promotion of Irish Culture in Poland. To achieve the aim the Foundation:

1. widely popularises the knowledge about Ireland (its culture, history etc.)

2. promotes people interested in Ireland, who are willing to study there or seek  help with publishing their works about Ireland

3. promotes and popularises Irish language in Poland

4. assists organising cultural events concerning Ireland

5. provides information about Ireland’s economy and terms of investing there



To achieve its goals the Foundation:

1. organises and supports financially:

- scholarships for people interested in Ireland, willing to realise specific research projects

- summer courses of Irish language and dance, playing traditional Irish instruments etc. in Ireland

- publications concerning Ireland

- cultural events concerning Irish culture and history

- informative and educational activities concerning Ireland

- art exhibitions concerning Ireland

- cultural and academic institutions promoting Ireland in the Republic of Poland

2. co-operates with state institutions and non-state organisations objectives of which are closely related to the Foundation's’ aims, and closely co-operates with museums, libraries and private people interested in the Foundation’s goals, in and out of the country



To achieve its objectives the Foundation is permitted to support activities of other legal or private people convergent with the Foundation’s aims.





The Foundation’s assets consist of Initial Fund amounting to 20,000 PLN (twenty thousand), and financial means, real estate and belongings acquired in course of its activity.



The Foundation is responsible for its obligations with all its property.



The Foundation’s incomes are:

- donations, heritages, endowments

- profits from collection and public events

- state donations

- profits from the Foundation’s properties

- subsidies of corporate bodies



Profits from subsidies, donations, heritages and endowments can be used for any of the Foundation’s statutory objectives, unless Donors decided otherwise.



In case when the Foundation is called upon heritage, the Foundation Committee make a statement of taking over possession of heritage with benefit of stock-book, however, only when at a time of the statement’s submission it is obvious that the assets of heritage is far more higher than heritage debts.



Private people and legal subjects making donations or subsidy, single or joint, of at least 10,000 PLN or, in case of foreign subjects, 2,500 Euro, are entitled to acquire a title of “Patron of the Foundation”.



The title of “Patron of the Foundation” is of personal nature and can be given to private people and legal subjects.





The Foundation’s authorities are:

- the Founders

- the Foundation Council

- the Foundation Committee

- the Board of Patrons



The Founders are entitled:

- to appoint and recall the Foundation Council’s and Committee’s members

- to take part in the Council’s sessions

- to approve the Council’s resolutions concerning changes of the Foundation’s statute and liquidation of the Foundation

- to appoint members of then Board of Patrons



In case of an important obstacle refraining the Founders from realising their tasks a person appointed by the Founders or the Council can operate on the Founders’ behalf.



The Foundation Council consists of members appointed by the Founders from amongst the Donors.



The Council can operate if at least three Donors take part in its work. Otherwise the Foundation’s only authority is the Committee.



The Council has the initiative, advisory and supervisory powers.



The President, the Vice-President and the Secretary of the Council are elected from amongst the Council members.



The Council is in session at least twice a year.



The Founders and the Committee’s representative invited by the Council attend the Council sessions.



The Council’s resolutions are accepted by the common majority of votes, and they are valid only if at least three members of the Council, including the President or the Vice-President, are present at the meeting.



The Council competencies are:

1. making annual and long-range plans of the Foundation’s activity and pronouncing opinions on them.

2. passing judgements on issues submitted by the Committee

3. evaluating annual Committee’s reports on performed tasks

4. making resolutions concerning matters determined in §§ 30, 32, 33, 36, 39, 41 and 42 of this statute

5. supervision of the Foundation’s financial plans

6. approving the Foundation’s financial reports  



The Committee consists of one to three members appointed by the Founders for unlimited time. The Founders are entitled to recall the Committee or each of its members at any time.



The Founders can be members of the Committee.



The Founders appoint and recall Chairman of the Foundation’s Bureau and other members of the managing staff. Founder can hold the position of the Chairman.



The Committee makes decisions in all affairs of the Foundation unreserved for the Council’s competencies.



Declarations of will in financial matters can be made individually by members of the Committee.



Specifically, the Committee:

- represents the Foundation outside

- prepares and realises annual and long-range programmes of the Foundation’s activities, with the consent of the Council and the Founders

- operates and disposes of corporeal and financial resources of the Foundation

- accepts subsidies, donations, heritages, bequests

- defines regulations of the Foundation’s Bureau, with the consent of the Founders

- makes decisions, with the consent of the Founders, on employment, rules of payment and amount of resources for salaries for the Foundation’s employees



The Council of the Foundation makes decisions concerning salaries of members of the Committee.



The Committee passes resolutions with the ordinary majority of votes, however, for the validity of the resolution the presence of at least half of its members, including the President of the Foundation, is necessary.



The Board of Patrons consists of friends of the Foundation, interested in ideas and purposes of the Foundation.



Patrons are invited to become members of the Board by the Founders, with the consent of the Council of the Foundation.



Membership of the Board of Patrons is honorary and its members can participate in establishing long-range objectives of the Foundation.





Alterations of the statute cannot concern essential changes of the Foundation’s objectives.



Alterations of the statute can be decided on by a unanimous resolution of the Foundation’s Council, with the consent of the Founders.


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